Just started dating now pregnant

It's not uncommon to think your current sexual partner is the person who got you pregnant.

Especially when you don't know how far along you are. And it creates the continuous concept that if a female gets pregnant accidentally it's because she's having unprotected sex which just isn't true.

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The amount of women who get pregnant while practicing safe sex is a lot more common than people think. It would be stupid not to consider it.

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Raising a kid is a huge responsibility and you need to be absolutely sure you're willing to take on that responsibility if you choose to stay. If there is doubt, it would be better to leave now than to change your mind once the kid already sees you as a father figure. Keep in mind you've only been with this girl for a couple months.

I also know first hand the joy kids can bring. The only thing that has changed is the dating each other part. Those are the day-to-day responsibilities. If you stay with this girl and the biological dad is not in their life, the kid will grow up seeing you as dad. That's not just sleepless nights and changing diapers, that's a lifelong commitment.

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If you choose to stay, you need to be ready for that potentially lifelong commitment to this kid. Because it would be terrible to be in their life for a few years and then maybe you and the mom have issues and break up, and "dad" is no longer dad. Even if you want to stay in the kids life, it may not be up to you unless you go through a legal adoption and have established rights to the child.

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A father is not about the seed but the raising. IF you chose to stay and start a family you can have a second if you choose. You need to take a step back and do some real soul searching. It sounds cold but is really the only logical choice. Stay friends if you want but break any and all romantic contact. You raise another person's child you don't do it like this - you talk, you adopt, you enter an existing family unit.

Some people are telling you to stay some people are saying to go.

These Couples Just Started Dating And Now They're Already Pregnant

Honestly, I'm just going to answer your question about "being a father is more than just raising a child with your genetic material" and this is right. It is more than just raising you biological son or daughter. We as human beings are capable of expressing compassion, that means if you choose to and you feel strongly enough, you are capable of raising this child as your own, but that will ultimately be up to you.

If you're more hung up on the idea that the baby isn't yours rather than this is a child and I have a responsibility to raise them as my own as I would my own child, then maybe this kind of relationship isn't for you. I have a slightly more progressive view when it comes to kids in a relationship. I'm 27m with no kids of my own and I've found myself dating older women.

Women are with jerks for validation So that's why she was even with this jerk, not to mention the idea and hope that women typically want men to change and become "better" partners which of course almost never happens.. Pregnant women can go through some drastic emotional mood swings to say the least I'd recommend you look this up and do some research and there are likely many other things involved with the pregnancy aspect itself that may be entirely foreign to you, so I'd highly recommend doing research to educate yourself on that.

Personally I don't even know a lot about it never having kids or dating a pregnant woman before so that would be my first move. Think of the emotional state though that she's going to be in while with you I bet on the second. I feel that you're likely pretty young which is why you're kind of going with a fantasy or at least not really understanding the situation you're really trying to get into here My advice to you is that you've only been seeing this girl for two dates I know how emotions can feel and how compelling that is but trust me that isn't the whole pie, you can't determine a lot about a relationship or the potential in two days.

If she was single and not-pregnant Pick and choose your battles wisely in life, two dates That's way too much for you to tackle Do I care and want to help and support the woman? Would it be wise to date her and be intimate with her during this tough process? I don't think so at all I think it would be best for me to step away and let her sort out this difficult situation she is in. Let her focus on herself and whether she wants to have this kid or not and whats all going to happen with the jerk ex, If she does have it you can almost be sure he'll be apart of the picture unless he just gets up and disappears on her.

Either way, this isn't your problem Withdraw yourself from this situation. Something similar happened to me, so I sympathize. I met a guy on OLD a few years ago. He was kind of dating someone he'd already met on OLD when we began communicating, but it wasn't anything official. We were really into each other.

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Then the first girl discovered she was pregnant. Because he wanted to do the right thing, he decided to stay with her and try and pursue something long term. They still do not love one another but have a kid together, yet despite the connection he and I have we'll never be together. It was a huge tragedy for me, but I realized I had to withdraw myself from that drama. It's not worth it. Get out of there. He sounds like a good guy - so just be honest with him about your feelings.

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He might be a little taken-back by this news, so don't get upset if he reacts in a weird way. It may take awhile for it to really settle in for him. I was in a very similar situation 2 years ago. My now fiance and I had been dating for all of 7 weeks when I found out I was pregnant. I took a hpt in a bathroom at the university I attend.

When it came up positive I just sat there shaking. Unfortunately, I miscarried that baby at 12 weeks We are getting married in May and I am now pregnant again and on week My point being, my partner responded very maturely about the whole situation even though we really hadn't been together very long at that time and 2 years later we are very happy--together!!!

I hope it goes well. I am in a similar situation. You just need to tell him and then go from there. My guy was supportive and emotionally available at first and then started freaking out. Just go into the conversation expecting the best but with an open mind. Let us know how it goes.