Song ji hyo still dating ceo 2014

In addition to her home country, she has gained immense popularity in China as well because of "Running Man. By Anshu Shrivastava Jul 10, US Senate passes Taiwan travel bill slammed by China. Some have never been found. Subscribe Sign up for our free weekly newsletter for the latest in-depth coverage! Data Security Laws in China: An Introduction for Foreign Entrepreneurs and Investors. The variety show kicked off the year with a special visit from fortunetellers who predicted that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo are likely to get married with an out of score of marital compatibility.

He was the wedding singer for "Running Man" co-stars Yoo Jae Suk, Haha and even Lee Kwang Soo's younger sister but admitted that he gets shy when it comes to asking a girl out. Right," DramaFever quoted him as saying. I wanted to protect her from other men in the program. She deserves to be happy with whoever. Gurl you're in danger.

I hope she breaks up with him before shit hits the fan. Get a life crazy JYJ stan. You guys aren't the internet police and you're giving the rest of us sane JYJ fans a bad name.

List of Running Man cast members - Wikipedia

You take your time defaming JYJ and misleading people and conveniently ignore the whole story. LSM fled South Korea after he was charged with fraud of his own company in The Prosecutor's Office of Korea asked Interpol to send him back and he spent a year on Interpol's most wanted list. He returned triumphantly after his friends in high places had him cleared.

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Your logic is very flawed. To you it doesn't matter that Baek Chang Joo payed his time after he forced an employee to complete a contract when he didn't want to but it is OK when SME has three ex-employees banned for not wanting to continue under their contract?

Ever heard of Max Matsuura? As long as JYJ is down you'll have sweet dreams right? OK Kimi so you laugh at others when your "brilliant" method of searching for news is using some unreliable internet translator on Naver. You don't actually understand Korean. Is that what you are saying?

Happy Together - Late Night Cafeteria with Lee Dongwook, Song Jihyo & Im Seulong! (2013. 05. 08)

If you can't read Korean like the rest of us then get off your little high horse. Please share what you find.

Talk about a star-studded cast!

Poor Kim Myung Min.. Are we supposed to believe you? I've been reading all the comments here and you are a hater. Plain and simple so where do you get off pretending to know JYJ fans? Not psycho stans but normal JYJ fans? You act like I can't go back and read all the bullshit you have been spreading. Please do your research first. CEO Baek did indeed threaten an ex-employee into complying with a contract he had no wish to continue.

He was arrested and served his time.

Song Ji Hyo Parts Ways with C-JeS + Confirmed to Have Broken Up With CEO Boyfriend

You are right that there are people who are trying to manipulate but that is not a reason for any lawsuit. Think before you type. These antis are also very crafty. They are very good at this. If you are not going to say something useful then you are better off not saying anything at all. You may feel differently of course so feel free to disregard my reply.

Are you fucking serious? I don't know where you are getting this idea that JYJ are victims. They signed a contract which made profit distribution difficult even when they had become a successful group.

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They filed an injunction so SME could rewrite their contract but SME found it easier to start a smear campaign instead. They unfortunately couldn't leave with Yunho and Changmin and they expressed that regret but not once did they play the pity card. That is you and the idiots in antikpopfangirl and all the other troll sites making shit up.

You use clueless fans to make your shaky point but I know just as much or even more than you. Your lies only work on clueless idiots. Wow netizenbuzz, by creating these jyj article u got ur self crazy jyj and homin fans as readers now. One defaming and making rumours the other going crazy and insulting u. But in all fairness it was all ur fault so good luck dealing with them. Anyways the person who said yoochun had mafia connection u just made this site a laughing Stock cause it was the admin who gave u an opportunity to bash yoochun with such a rediculas lie the only connection he has of mafai is his fans as netizenbuzz so bravely generalised it to be but he lives well and is rich and successful so good for him.

Anyways the above knetizen comment lost credibility the moment they said she gets roles cause of her man cause she hasn't been in a major role since she joined cjes. Running man was over a year before she joined cjes and let's not forge goong and frozen flower way before this company.

So it's all rubbish this article. They should leave jiho alone. It doesn't matter how she 'looks'. He is a mobster, and she is dating him. This is well known with actual proof. What are you talking about? Song Ji Hyo dating that man is not just a rumor.


Jyj fans must really think that everything revolves around their oppas don't they? Don't you realize that you guys are the ones that drag jyj into this post? You don't even see knetizen comment about jyj on the top comments right? Insulting the ceo is one thing.. LOL what are you trying to say??? So it is wrong for parents to go watching their own son's concert???

Even myself was ecxpecting to meet them during Junsu' con here. WHY bcz they are so friendly toward us fans.

Is the Monday Couple Damaging Song Ji Hyo’s Career?

Second, I dunno in your fandom how close the fansite and the parents are, but yes i can say that junsu's fansite is really close to his family.. I just met him last week after the first time I met him 2 years ago, He still the nice guy and really a gentleman I asked him to take some pictures and wrote something to cheer up my friend who in the trouble he did at all and i didn't pay anything for him. He's really kind person and supportive his sons please don't make a rumor if you never to see him in person. My daughter is also a musician.