Hook up 20 amp breaker

Following is a step-by-step overview that shows what it takes to add a new circuit and connect it to the new breaker. First, figure out what lights, switches, and receptacles you want, then determine their approximate locations.

If you are just adding a new lighting circuit to an unfinished space such as a basement, choosing a location will be much easier. Make a shopping list of what you will need. Go to a home center, and run it by the clerks in the electrical department.

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These people are usually well informed and can easily explain options you might not have considered. Mount the electrical boxes in the desired location and install the proper gauge electrical cable between these boxes. Install the new receptacles, light fixtures, switches, and cover plates. Turn off the main breaker at the top of the box, and then remove the panel cover by unscrewing a few large screws. Use a voltage tester to be sure the power to the panel is off—touching electrically charged wires or bus bars inside the panel can be deadly.

Then, as long as all your work occurs below the main breaker, you will not be exposed to any charged power in the panel box.

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By turning off the main power, you cannot be shocked by any fixture in the house but you may need a flashlight since your electricity will be totally off. Select a standard breaker for replacement, preferably one at the bottom of the box, where removing the existing breaker and installing the new one will be easier. Remove the black wire from the existing breaker and pull the breaker out of the box by gripping it on the side where the wire was attached.

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The breaker is held in the box by a lip on the bus bar. The National Electrical Code doesn't limit the number of receptacles you can place on a amp circuit, but you'll overload the breaker if you run appliances that draw more current than the breaker can handle. The NEC does specify that a circuit breaker shouldn't handle more than 80 percent of the load for which it is rated unless the breaker is labeled otherwise. By this standard, the total current draw on a amp circuit shouldn't exceed 16 amps.

This allows the breaker to handle the temporary surge that happens when an appliance such as a power saw or air conditioner starts up. When deciding how many receptacles to add to a amp circuit, consider what you are likely to plug into each one. For safety, the total draw on the circuit shouldn't exceed 16 amps at any one time, which translates to a maximum power draw of 1, watts on a conventional volt circuit, even though the breaker won't trip until the power draw exceeds 2, watts.

You should limit the number of receptacles on a circuit that will handle a power-hungry appliance. For example, most electric heaters draw 1, watts, so a circuit that powers one should have few other receptacles. To better distribute the power consumption among all the breakers in the panel, combine lights and electrical outlets on a single circuit, because lights typically draw less power than appliances.

Your kitchen must have at least two outlets, each on separate circuits, so that if one breaker trips, you still have power. Adding lights to each circuit balances the load and avoids the necessity for separate lighting circuits. If you can guarantee that the wires are 12 gauge at least i. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 6. You're mixing volts and amps which are two different things. In your circuit breaker box you should have two supply lines of V each.

What you want to do is install something called a double pole circuit breaker which will connect to both supply bus bars. You'll need to run at least two hot wires and a ground wire to where your outlet will be, however depending on your appliance, you may also need a neutral wire. Word of caution because you're not clear of amps and volts: I think you may have a lot of research to do and strongly suggest coming back with specific questions regarding your plans before you do anything.

Risks include fire and electrocution. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 3. If my panel does have a master breaker, how do I safely install an additional breaker?

Your Circuit Breaker Box is Full — Now What?

Open the panel and remove the panel cover. Using an insulated electrical screwdriver, install new circuit wires into the gems and neutral bus bars. Install a hot wire into the new breaker, and then line up the breaker into position and snap it into place. Punch out a blank on your breaker cover panel and install it. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

What do I do if my panel doesn't have a neutral bar and both the ground and the neutral go to the ground bar? Answer this question Flag as What will happen if I replace a 20 amp single pole breaker with a 30 amp double pole breaker? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

How to Connect a 220-Volt Receptacle to a 20-Amp Breaker

Tips Check local building codes. A building permit may be required to add an electrical circuit. While you are installing the new circuit breaker, the electricity will be off. Before you start, turn off all lights near the service panel, then determine if there is sufficient remaining light in the service panel location. If not, you will need have a flashlight or other battery-operated portable light before you proceed.

Tools List for Connecting a 220-Volt Receptacle to a 20-Amp Breaker

Warnings Remove your watch, rings and all other metal jewelry before working near the service panel. Installing a circuit breaker that is not approved for use in your service panel may create a hazardous condition. Use extreme caution while working inside an electrical service panel.

There are live components inside the box, even with the main breaker switched off. The main service wires that enter the box and connect to the main circuit breaker are live. Touching these wires directly or with a metal object can be lethal. Article Info wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively.

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