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Which Naruto Girl Loves You ?

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A better kind of quiz site: Have a look around and see what we're about. Big Five Personality Test , allows you to adjust sliders to fine-tune your responses to a series of questions. Then receive your personality analysis. Ino, after having read Sai's distressed letter about his conflicted and confused feelings regarding the Shinobi world is desperate to rescue him from his inner conflict and performs her Mind Body Switch Technique on him as she delves into his mind. Despite the danger for herself she dives deeply into Sai's heart as she feels she is the only one who can rescue him.

She feels that she wants to learn more about him and his loneliness as she dives deeper down into him.

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Ino finds him trapped deep in his consciousness, crying and wrapping himself with the memories of his friends and she calls out to him before putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder which he returns with a heartfelt smile. After they defeat Gengo, Shikamaru checks in on an ashamed Sai and assures him that he is not to blame for anything he did while under Gengo's control before asking Ino to look after Sai.

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Ino and Sakura go to Sunagakure in order to open a clinic for children. On the way there, the two begin gossiping about the various relationships developing amongst their friends. Sakura then asks Ino about her own love life and she shyly reveals her crush on Sai which has progressed to love.

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Ino tells Sakura she plans to confess her love but is unsure which type of flower to give to Sai to express her feelings, lavender or a flowering dogwood. As Sai is investigating Kido, Kakashi informs Sakura and Ino of the rumours about Sasuke's activity that have been reported by him. Ino is more concerned by the risks Sai may be facing and anxiously questions Kakashi on Sai's safety but Sakura steers things back to what the rumours mean for Sasuke. Later, as Sakura with Sai's information think that Kido and Magire are behind the Sasuke impostor, Kakashi orders Ino, Sakura and Sai to team up, since they are investigating the same thing.

Ino gets flustered at Sai's proposition of her working closely with him as he also states that they will make a good duo.

Ino dubs themselves Ino—Saku—Sai and they promise to keep each other informed of their findings. Later on, Ino runs to Sai's home in order to inform him about Sakura's capture by Kido. However, when Ino arrives she becomes flustered at the sight of him in only his underwear, since Sai was taking a shower before her arrival.

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  4. While he gets dressed, Ino contacts Kakashi and informs him of what's happened. He advises not getting anyone else involved in the rescue as that might only provoke Kido to kill Sakura. He also informs them that the Fourth Raikage is contemplating a Kage Summit to discuss reports of Sasuke's activity. Sai and Ino go to one of Kido's hideouts and Ino senses the interior for Sakura's chakra.

    She isn't there, but Sai decides they should see what intel they can get anyway. When the sentry, an acquaintance of Sai's, is unwilling to answer their questions, Sai forces Sakura's whereabouts from him by tickling him with a paintbrush. They go to the hideout where Sakura is being kept on Sai's imitating bird and Ino initially struggles to maintain her balance but Sai comforts her causing her to feel a sweet warm sensation well up within her heart. When they arrive they find that Sakura has already escaped and is on the offensive.

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    Sakura, Sai, and Ino work well together despite being outnumbered. Sakura is drawn into a fight with the Sasuke impostor, who chokes her using his synthetic tailed beast cloak. Sakura breaks free and, as she beats him unconscious, warns him to never impersonate Sasuske again. This has the added benefit of revealing that the synthetic cloaks disappear when their user loses consciousness; Sai and Ino also discover that the cloaks have time limits. Sai recommends they use this information to end the fight quickly.