Can dating scan dates be wrong

Babies end up all sorts of sizes so it is likely that they will grow at different rates. I know that I conceived on one of 2 occasions in one week. I haven't worked out if those fit with my dates, maybe I will do that! I know my friend was measuring a couple of weeks ahead at 12 weeks, but is back to what she should be now, at 20 weeks.

As others have said, there can be huge variation! Bsmirched , Jul 29, Hi new to writing on here but have been reading lots of useful advice from you all. Dating scans work on the assumption that the length of all babies in the first 14ish weeks progress at exactly the same rate.

Which seems a bit odd to me considering that length of cycle, birthweight and everything about the mother vary such a lot. A friend of mine had her dates pushed back by about 3 weeks, only to have her baby 5 weeks 'early' but with no more complications than you would expect for a 2 week early baby, she is firmly convinced she was right all along!

Sorry to hear it can put some people in such difficult situations. Guess it varies place to place, or my midwife doesn't trust the sonographer! She'd already written Dec 6 on my file the scan results say Dec 2 but they have left Dec 6 as the date for my MAT B1 form, lets face it, won't make any difference to when the little person decides to arrive! When I had my son, I was moved forwards by almost two weeks and despite what I said they refused to change it.

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When he was delivered by section at 37 weeks, he was apparently a typical 35 week old baby - small and very hairy! Welshlizzie , Jul 29, I have questioned this also. I know exactly when i conceived can't be any other time unless i'm a medical marvel! I went into meltdown as this has implications for me also but my hubby assures me it just can't be when they said it is!

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I don't think it is exact. LRRS , Jul 30, Your baby can measure ahead or behind the average, which is what the scan is based upon. My doc said although the scan was a few days off of my LMP estimation, he'll stick with our first date because I'd been using an app to track my periods and was certain of the LMP date.

I know the exact day I got pregnant because my husband is never home. It was December 9th.

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I am 15w3d pregnant today. You count based off of your last menstural period not the day you had sex. Sometimes you ovulate earlier or later in the cycle. This baby I ovulated late by about a week. At first with my first son they told me March 3. It wasn't until March 7 that they pushed it back to the 15th. This time they keep trying to go off my LMP even though I know the time frame it happened because my husband travels for work. They say August 10, by my ovulation and ultrasounds says August 6.

3 reasons why your due date is wrong

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How accurate is a due date that is determined by ultrasound?

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Dating scan accuracy?!

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