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They try their hardest, but many couple are found and revealed through specific evidences found by netizens. Netizens formed a list of 5 unique behaviors that are usually a tail tail sign that the idol is secretly dating. Does your favorite oppa or unnie fit the bill? They have a very specific set of characteristics when describing their ideal type.

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They buy a new car. Fans declare that an idol buying a new car usually means that they started a secret affair.

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Netizens claim that idols buy cars to have secret car-dates or to throw off the paparazzi by having a date in a new car. Baekhyun dated at least once since Taeyeon. Most Shinee and Big Bang members regularly date, but most are single right now. About the several blind items mentioning gay idols, she said they are several idols and actors that are known to be gay not as many as some shippers may think , but no one talks about it.

Infinite Girlfriends Causing Scandals

Actress Son Ye Jin is also assumed to be bi or lesbian. He dated someone in , and probably in too.

20170228 INFINITE Woohyun accused of dating this non celeb girl

About Infinite Sungjong, an "insider" once confirmed he's gay, but the source was never verified. Many k-inspirits still believe it, although there is no proof whatsoever. Please remember that those rumors are not verified and should be taken with a grain of salt, not even "insiders" can truly know idols' sexual orientation. I also asked her about BTS since I'm a stan. She confirmed that they have a very big fandom there but they lack public recognition nothing new here.

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Spoiler Oh and she met many idols since she lives in Seoul and went to many concerts and fanmeets, she told me which idols are the best looking and the nicest IRL if anyone is interested in that sort of things. Its 1am and I really have no energy to read all that right now. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

An ex exo-sasaeng told me about exo and others dating rumors, gay idols rumors etc source unverified Started by Clara.

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