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Great work organizing all this info, Josh. I would hesitate to be so tight on the dates involving conversion from Imperial to Metric, however. I know I have one from Then again, Buffalo Trace claims Ancient Age began as a brand in , but I have a bottle of AA that claims, on a little paper label, that the bottle design is from … which is why I frequently am head-scratching on these sorts of dating techniques.

As of right now, from what I can tell, these guidelines will work for most bottles, but definitely not all. It has a IRS label and a 68 on the bottom. It is a great conversation piece while enjoying bourbon. Thank you for all the research and your fine presentation pictures are helpful! I have a bottle that has been in the family since early 60s. It has a metal pewter I think label.

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The neck of the bottle had metal lines down to the label. The label itself has a horse and rider jumping a fence.. Any guesses as to date or manufacturer…. Thanks for this info! Hello Josh, Can you help me identify a ml bottle of Wild Turkey?

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Was given to me by a good Freind that recently went to the Country Club in the Sky. Gold cap with three turkeys but no other labels. Sorry to hear about your friend, but happy to help. I have two decanter famouse first made Italy and painted. One is record player with phonograph cork end very good condition. Please help oh it also said whiskey 7 years old then. Those decanters are fairly common and depending on who made it, condition, actual age, etc.

Lots of factors in play, but decanters on the whole typically go for less than whiskey in glass bottles because they could have lead in the whiskey from the decanter.

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No bar code, no government warning and I decided to call Wild Turkey today to see if they could give me an idea on the age. The polite woman at the visitor center placed me on hold to see if someone could assist me and to my surprise she returned to explain she had master distiller Jimmy Russell there to take my call! What an honor to speak to the Buddha of Bourbon himself!! Holy cow, what a great story.

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Thanks for sharing and I hope you enjoy that WT. I am seeking the value of a sealed bottle of White Horse Blended Scotch Whiskey bottled in Scotland and imported to Maryland based on tax stamps between You need to go back to the 50s for White Horse prices to start going up. Also a state of Ohio department of liquor control stamp. Back of bottle — near the neck reads Federal Law Forbids sale or re-use if this bottle. Bottom of bottle stamp is: Any any the age of this fine whiskey?

Just found out, it is a bottle.

It has separate words on stamp of Distilled on one side and spirits on the other. I have an unopened bottle of reserve Giblin blended whiskey.

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Red bottle stamp across top of bottle. Says Bureau of ATF. Label on back says Seal of assured Excellence Barton whiskey. Number on bottom is DC Thank you for any information. If you can send me photos of bottom, front and back of the bottle I could help more. Found a bottle of something special de luxe and trying to pinpoint the dating.

Could use some help. No surgeon generals warning. Bears red internal revenue seal series Has additional numbers I and number Still sealed and never opened redundant I know. By appointment to her majesty the queen scotch whiskey distillers.

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No mention of Queen Anne like I saw on other labels. Imported by summit marketing company , park avenue, New York , ny There is some numbers etched into the bottle, not sure how tobdecipher. It was a mediocre blend. I have an unopened bottle of Guckenheimer Reserve around Does this have any monetary value or historical value to a museum? Hey Kirk, hate to say it, but no.

Some of them tasted ok, but most of them, even from back then, tasted awful. Best option is to open it up and see how it is. I have a bottle of Inver House green plaid scotch whiskey. The purpose is to supposedly denominate the different types of scotch and to position them to be used for different occasions. For example, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is rare and expensive, and so it is intended to be used for special occasions.

The Walkers created their primary marketing strategy in with advertisements featuring Browne's Striding Man, using the slogan, "Johnnie Walker: Born , still going strong". Photographs replaced the drawings in the s and the Striding Man was miniaturised to a coloured logo in ; it first appeared on the Johnnie Walker labels in In the late s, the direction of the Striding Man was reversed as part of a "Keep Walking" campaign.

The Voyager tour was developed in order to promote the special edition Odyssey blend and pay tribute to the original trade routes and sea voyages by which Johnnie Walker was distributed throughout the world. In October , Diageo teamed with the HBO to produce the White Walker by Johnnie Walker whisky, inspired by the army of the undead in the hugely popular TV series Game of Thrones , ahead of the series' eighth and final season that was to be aired in April Johnnie Walker spirits have received strong scores at international spirit ratings competitions and from liquor review bodies.

Winston Churchill 's favourite whisky was Johnnie Walker Red Label, which he mixed with water and drank throughout the day. Johnnie Walker Blue Label was a favourite of the late US president Richard Nixon , who used to enjoy it with ginger ale and a wedge of lime. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Johnnie Walker disambiguation. Retrieved 16 December The Story of Whisky S01E John Walker and Sons. Archived from the original on Retrieved 16 December — via Vimeo.

Distiller - The Liquor Expert. Diageo - Indian Express". Johnnie Walker Red Label vs. Johnnie Walker Black Label". Ruben Luyten for Whisky Notes. Johnnie Walker Black Label: Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve". Retrieved 10 January Retrieved 16 December — via YouTube. Retrieved 3 January Retrieved 4 December Retrieved 16 December — via www.

Retrieved January 31, A Companion to Richard M. Franz Humer Paul S.