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Unapologetically be myself, speak my truth, and ask for what I want…what a concept! The missing key was realizing that I truly deserve love — both from myself and from others.

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Tawny Lara is the founder of SobrieTea Party. She writes about being sober in New York City and hosts sober socializing events.

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I am really glad you have found your voice with men!! I love that I am learning so much from you! Yu continue to be an inspiration in how I respond and approach my life!

Thank you for your candor and your sharing heart! November 20, January 23, Tracey Stubbs of Creative Pension Photographer: Robert Reise Photography Photo Location: But in reality, the actual sex, the lasting impact, and the connections we make are inferior. I began to understand the full implications and pitfalls of drunk sex from Bruce, a regular of mine who is sober both in life and sex.

Ironically, I met him while I was incredibly drunk at a wedding. I asked Bruce what his favorite thing was about having sex sober and he practically shouted at me: But Bruce was onto something, of course. When you hook up drunk you wake up the next day physically and emotionally aware of your encounter, but it can be a vague memory, like you watched it happen to someone else.

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The little hairs on your arms can stand up just thinking of it the next day. It seems just as we judge our drinking destinations by neighborhood and the crowds that frequent them, there exists an insider-y review system of AA meetings across the city.

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She responded with a flurry of texts suggesting which ones to hit up first: I cannot with North Brooklyn yet. She was right about Perry Street. The theatrics were strong.


The meeting begins, the lights go off, and a wall sconce illuminates the first speaker to open the meeting. To my surprise, I did more than just observe and look for interview subjects at these meetings. Still, I could see how it could be intimidating: The room was full of well-dressed cool girls and Swedish tourists with innovative hair.

Not everyone is so friendly. At this meeting I ended up introducing myself and sharing my own story.

Several women approached me to connect and offer support after the meeting, but even though the crowd was mixed, I noted that none of the men came near me. And then I found out why. The new, enlightened feeling of sobriety can lead to fierce crushes, which can quickly lead to relapses. If there is one universal problem bigger than drinking, it is intimacy, and the two are often part of a vicious cycle.

The path for anyone, sober or otherwise, to relationship-level-emotional-readiness is complicated, but on a simpler level, how do you explain to an Internet date that you never drink alcohol?

Some will be mean. Mona enthusiastically agrees that sex sober is better. I would take anyone home but I did not sleep with most of them, because I was too drunk to have sex.