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Does the following sentence make sense? I'm so done with his criticism at work.

I'm so done with the single life

Note that "so", with this meaning, is used in exclamatory sentences. It is not used in normal statements declarative sentences.

In spoken English, the word "so" is emphasized very strongly -- more strongly than most words -- and may be held for longer than normal though not always. I'm so done with the single life! I'm so sick of his criticism at work! I'm so fed up with his criticism at work! Strictly speaking I don't think you can be "done with" something you don't participate in.

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Loosely, however, it might still be used, at least in the US. We even say things like "I'm so done with Larry.

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Thank you so much everyone. How about this, say I were fed up with the math class. I'm so done with the math class.


Thanks a bunch all. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. I grew up in US.


I introduced them, and they are understanding each other"?? I could imagine it being said at, say, a night club. The matchmaker is observing the two who she has recently introduced to each other at a distance; it is clear they are "getting on" and the matchmaker's remark is addressed to a friend.

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I think you'd say, regarding the two in the night club: If there's a problem with looking at them and saying "They are understanding each other" which I think there is , then there is also a problem saying "They are liking and understanding each other. I'll use ''They appear to be connecting.

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Texas English - US. Myridon , Apr 30, So, in your opinion, " they're connecting " sounds fine? Hi Xavier, Just to clarify.

What's lacking here is context. People do give clues that they are liking each other; more subtly, they may, perhaps, indicate to others that they understand each other.

The context is what makes assigning these partly mental terms appropriate, not the grammar book. IF, for example a story read as follows, then the conclusion sounds fine: Xavier saw they were touching hands. At one point Bill whispered something in her ear, and Mathilde nodded. You must log in or sign up to reply here.